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Springbuck APCDuring November and December 2013, a group of 10 operators and maintenance personnel from the Nigerian Police Force attended a two week training course at DCD Protected Mobility in Isando and at the Gerotek vehicle testing facility west of Pretoria.

The two-module training course focused on operating the Springbuck VI vehicle and on performing first line technical repairs on this popular Armoured Personnel Carrier. Trainee feedback indicated that the group derived great value from this training, which will be shared with fellow NPF officers in Nigeria.

DCD Protected Mobility has supplied a number of Springbuck VI vehicles to both the Federal and State NPF and is presently delivering another eight vehicles to this authority.

During training sessions, the police officers also provided valuable technical inputs to DCD Protected Mobility’s technical department, which is being incorporated into the design of the improved Springbuck currently on the drawing board.

Through this type of continued interaction with its customers, DCD Protected Mobility is able to improve the design of its vehicles to further meet the affordability requirements of police authorities throughout the African market.

The Springbuck Armoured Personnel Carrier is designed and manufactured in South Africa and is increasingly demonstrating its potential on the African continent, particularly in regard to emerging markets. The vehicle has been designed for ease of operation, maintenance and repair harnessing internationally available drive-line components for assured performance and availability of parts.

The Springbuck, which derives its name from the Springbok antelope, known for its toughness and sure-footed dexterity, has been designed around the ergonomics of the driver and crew, specifically for the African market. Affordable, but not inferior, it is proving ideal for a broad spectrum of security applications.

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